About Us

Women parliamentarians from all political parties in Malawi

Our Objectives

To advocate and lobby for policy and legislation that promotes gender mainstreaming and gender equity in all spheres of the Malawian society;
To promote the gender agenda through facilitation of policy and legislative interventions on issues affecting women in the social, cultural, economical and political arena;
To facilitate the effective implementation of the national gender policy;
To facilitate networking with other organizations within and outside Malawi, in activities aimed at promoting women empowerment and the advancement of the gender agenda.
To promote gender equality and equity at all levels of human development;
To sensitize all Parliamentarians on the principles, policies and regulatory frameworks governing gender equality and equity in order to facilitate their effective representative, legislative and oversight functions;
To provide a forum for discussion on matters affecting women in the country, regionally and internationally;
To develop and establish norms and standards that promote the effective participation of women in Parliament;

About PWC

Parliamentary Women’s Caucus which is a cross party group of women parliamentarians from all political parties represented in the National Assembly.

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