“ANTI-HATE CAMPAIGN”- Fighting negative stereotypes against Women in politics in Malawi.

The Anti-hate campaign was conducted between March 2023 to August 2023. It was done by the SNP/WFD office in Malawi together with local Centre for Civil Society Strengthening (CCSS). The main objective of the assignment was to help tackle the negative stereotypes against politically active women, and highlight the absurd proposition that women do not rightfully belong in the political arena. The campaign also aimed at sensitizing the general public especially voters on how demeaning these actions are and how it discourages capable women from participating in politics. The campaign was based on the real and recorded experiences that women in politics face in Malawi.

A chat with the following MPs and Political party stakeholders informed the design of the campaign; stay tuned as we will be sharing some of the wonderful insights, we got from these Chats.