Chair of the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus delivers speech at High Level Intergenerational Dialogue on Generational Equality and Women’s Leadership

From 7th to 9th April 2022, Malawi hosted the first ever High-Level International Dialogue on Generation Equality and Women’s Leadership in Africa at BICC in Lilongwe.

The event was attended by high-level dignitaries, including former heads of state and global business captains, and created an opportunity to facilitate intergenerational dialogue among multistakeholder groups on women’s leadership and political participation, ending violence against women and girls, women’s economic empowerment, and strengthening intergenerational solidarity to retain women leaders and empower young women leaders in the development, humanitarian, and conflict prevention context.

The conference also unveiled the First Women Trade Centre in Lilongwe and the gathering further provides a unique opportunity for networking for women in business at regional, continental and global levels.

During this meeting the Chair of the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus, Hon. Roseby Gadama delivered a speech where she noted the ned for the wide public to realize that both women and men are equal and that opportunities should be equally shared as follows:

  1. Laws should be repealed or formulated to address gaps that have existed for a long time between men and women
  2. Girls should be given more opportunities and resources to make sure that they make strides in their academic and professional life;Men should join the various campaigns that aim to empower women movement like the “He for SHE” campaign.
  3. Those of us women, in leadership positions should undertake efforts to role-modelling life so that our girls can learn from us.


The Chair of the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus also highlighted the roles of women parliamentarians as follows:

  • Legislating laws that can be a catalyst to women empowerment. Provision of a robust oversight program on the implementation of policies and programmes that discriminate women and girls;
  • Working towards the elimination of Gender Based Violence; and
  • Advocating for the allocation of adequate resources towards women and girls programme.

To conclude the Chair of the Caucus noted the need for resources,  and information to allow for Caucus members to effectively carry out their work .