Ending Violence Against Women- Campaign spike on Ending Child Marriages

On Tuesday the 6th of September, The First Lady of the Republic of Malawi, Madam Monica Chakwera, who also serves as OXFAM’s EVAWG Ambassador, was the guest of honor at an event for ending violence against women organized by OXFAM Malawi in Kasungu. The event was held under the theme “Ending child marriages”.

In her remarks, Madam Chakwera stated that combating violence against women is everyone’s responsibility and that everyone should take the initiative to ensure that incidences of gender-based violence are reported to the police. She also asked parents to continue preparing food (snacks) for their children when going to school because that, helps children to stay in school and hence assisting in the cessation of senseless acts of violence committed to school-age children who are simply out and about. She also shared her experience growing up in a rural setting to inspire boys and girls in remote areas to keep up their hard work in school. In her remarks at the event, OXFAM’s country director, Ms. Lingalireni Mihowa, commended CSOs, Chiefs, and the general public to keep up with the good work they are already doing to eliminate violence against women and girls.