Launch of African Women’s Leadership Network – Malawi Chapter

On March 3rd 2020, members of Malawi’s Parliamentary Caucus attended the Launch of the Malawi Chapter of the African Women’s Leadership Network.

Following the establishment of the African Women Leaders Network (AWLN), Malawi plans to localize the initiative at a national network through the revamping of the professional women’s network. The aim of the AWLN, is to establish and nurture an inclusive network comprising of women in leadership, from various sectors of society ranging from political, public and private sectors, civil society and grassroots organizations,  who actively engage in mobilization and active  participation at the community level. The AWLN is a new initiative for enhancing the leadership of women in the transformation of Africa, with a focus on development , governance, peace and stability. The Professional Women’s Network aims to strengthen networking among professional women from various sectors through collaboration and partnership. The Professional Women’s Network is aims to develop communication to foster a cross sector professional networking hub.

The professional women’s network aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To create a platform for information sharing and networking among professional women
  • To consolidate the voice of professional women to lobby for legal and policy reforms
  • To support and advocate for women’s issues, including matters relating to gender inequality in the professional setting.
  • To empower women to take an active role in decision making, helping to influence and to help shape policies to create a more conducive professional environment for professional women in Malawi.
  • To work with other partners to promote gender equality locally, nationally and internationally
  • Increased awareness by professional women on Gender Related Laws Implementation of Profession Related gender laws  and how to implement the planned quotas for public service