7 Members of the Caucus become Parliamentary Committee Chairpersons/ Vice-Chairpersons

6 Members of Malawi’s Parliamentary Women’s Caucus have been appointed as Parliamentary Committee Chairpersons/ Vice Chairpersons:

  1. Hon. Gladys Ganda – Chairperson for the Budget and Finance Committee
  2. Hon. Joyce Chitsulo – Chairperson for the Public Appointments Committee
  3. Hon. Lonnie Chijere Phiri – Chairperson for the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus
  4. Hon. Wezi Gondwe – Vice Chairperson for the Commissions and Statutory Committee
  5. Hon. Susan Dossi – Vice Chairperson for the Media and Communications Committee
  6. Hon. Eurita Valeta – Vice Chairperson for the Health Committee
  7. Hon. Susan Ndalama – Vice Chairperson for the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus.

We are pleased to note an increase in women’s representation in decision-making structures.