PWC and The population and Sustainable Development Caucus

Malawi’s Parliamentary Women’s Caucus (PWC) is a cross-party grouping of all elected female members of The Malawi National Assembly. The PWC has been directed by a clear focus on women’s issues under two main goals ‘First, to ensure harmonization of existing laws with women’s rights as enshrined in the 1994 Constitution. Second, to ensure that gender was mainstreamed into all legislation enacted by parliament.

PWC has recently pledged allegiance to the newly launched Population and Sustainable Development Caucus after acknowledging the crucial role that population plays in sustainable development and the fact that the majority, if not all, cross-cutting issues primarily affect women. The PSDC Caucus was introduced last week, in Lilongwe, at the Bingu International Convention Center.

Some PWC members, pictures below, demonstrating their willingness to work with their constituencies on the same.#WinWithWomen#WomenInLeadership#PWC#SNP-WFD