The Africa Liberal Network Workshop 2023, Malawi

To help strengthen leadership skills of women parliamentarians, WFD’s Multi-Party Office has a
Programme, that runs annually in different selected countries. This year Malawi was privileged
to host this annual meeting at the Umodzi park hotel, in Lilongwe from 6 to 8 October. The
Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP)works under the Africa Liberal Network. Two selected
female MP’s from Malawi; Hon. Grace Kwelepeta of Zomba-Malosa and Honourable Ireen
Mambala of Balaka South are among the participants who will benefit from this year’s training.

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) Women Empowerment Programme is an annual training
scheme for women politicians from African liberal parties who are planning or are already in an
elected office. Launched in 2019 by the Africa Liberal Network in partnership with the UK
Liberal Democrats and Westminster Foundation for Democracy. The Women Leadership
Programme (WLP) is a very prestigious and competitive programme for women in elected
public office or senior party officials with the overall goal of furthering the leadership skills they
possess. It provides senior women politicians with an invaluable opportunity to build upon their
management skills and learn ways to become effective agents for change. The programme
provides participants with access to leaders who have held senior government positions,
campaigned on complex problems, and produced change in their country.

“Through the programme i have deepened my understanding of the essential aspects of
leadership with peers and experts. I have also learned that as a female leader if I can
concentrate on at least one cross cutting issue I can be able to leave a lasting legacy in my constituency”

Hon. Esther Jailosi Jolobala (Alumni of the ALN)

This programme was brought to life through inspirational contributors. WLP Cohort 2023 said
they will leave the programme equipped with exquisite skills and enlarged network of new
friends and peer group of women politicians across Africa. In attendance were MPs from Kenya,
Congo, South Africa, Malawi, Senegal, UK, Uganda and Zambia.