PWC Executive Develop 2022-2023 Work Plan

In order to strengthen the Caucus’s role in promoting the women’s rights agenda at the national and community level, the SNP-WFD Malawi Programme in collaboration with Oxfam Malawi and the 50:50 Campaign Malawi, organised a strategic planning meeting with the Executive Members of Malawi’s Parliamentary Women’s Caucus in November 2021. The strategic planning meeting had two main objectives: 1. To

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Caucus members attend SADC GBV Model Law meeting

The SADC Secretariat collaborated with the SADC Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF) and other development partners in conducting a consultative workshop on Gender Based Violence (GBV) with Members of Parliament through the Regional Parliamentary Women’s Caucus. Hon. Lonnie Chijere Phiri and Hon. Bertha Mackenzie Ndebele represented Malawi’s Parliamentary Women’s Caucus at the meeting. The meeting aimed at i. s]Sensitizing Members of Parliament on

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